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Simple Switch Removing the stress of switching banks

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We know that switching banks is not an easy thing; in fact it can be terrifying and very stressful. At First Community Bank, we have worked hard to eliminate the hassles that come from starting a new banking relationship. By using Simple Switch, you can be confident in a smooth transition.

Follow these 4 simple steps to experience a successful and easy switch...

Step 1 Open and start using your First Community Bank Account

Work with our team of experts to choose an account that is the best fit for you or Open an Account online.

Step 2 Discontinue use of your old account.

Keep your old account open and funded until all outstanding checks have cleared and all of your automatic payments have been switched over to your new account. Remember to shred unused checks and destroy ATM/Debit cards.

Step 3  Change recurring deposits and withdrawals.

Start by using the Simple Switch Customer Assessment form to identify which automatic transactions will need to be switched over to your new account. Fill out the following documents and send them to their respective parties to make your switch happen.

Request to Switch an Automatic Payment: Use to switch payments from coming out of your old account to coming out of your new FNB account.

Request to Cancel an Automatic Payment: Use to cancel auto payments coming out of your old account.

Direct Deposit Authorization Form: Use to switch your direct deposit to your new bank account.

Tip: Stop by any First Community Bank Branch and a Universal Banker can assist you in creating all the forms you will need within minutes using the Simple Switch Generator.

Step 4 Close your former account.

Once all of your direct deposits and automatic payments begin posting to your First Community Bank account, send the Account Closing Request Form to your former bank. Some institutions may require additional information.

Download the Simple Switch Guidebook 


Other Helpful Resources:

Social Security: Call (800) 772-1213 |  Civil Service: Call 1-888-767-6738;  VA: Call 1-877-838-2778 | US Railroad: Call 801-524-5725 | ;  Retired Air Force: Call 1-877-838-2778;  Utah Retirement Systems: Call 801-366-7700


Above and Beyond Customer Service Banky Award 2017, 2018

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