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personal debit rewards card

Meet your Wallet's new BFF- Debit Rewards

Your checking account is now even better with a Visa® Debit Rewards Card. Experience the value of a rewards card without having to qualify for credit. 

Earn Points

Earn valuable points from your everyday purchases like groceries, fuel, dining and even paying bills*! Earn one point for every $4 spent on PIN based transactions and one point for every $2 spent on signature based transactions. You can even combine household cards to earn even more points!

Redeem Points

Redeem your points for...

Cash Back Merchandise Travel

and more!

Debit Rewards Cards are available for all personal checking accounts. Current debit card customers will automatically be enrolled. 

Compare Accounts | Cash in Rewards | Register Your Card 

*Bills paid through Online Banking Bill Pay do not qualify for rewards. 


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