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Locally Grown, Locally Operated...Your Organic Choice for Banking.

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What is "Organic Banking"?

It begins on a local level, with community experts who are interested in the growth of local business and people. Organic Banking is...

  • Banking with Fewer Pesticides (Fees): Because we are a community bank, we are able to forgo many "big bank" fees and the fees that we do have tend to be lower than the "big guys". (See Fee Schedule)
  • Banking with Fresh Technology: One of our top priorities is providing you with the most updated online and mobile tools to make your banking easy and convenient
  • Banking with Healthy Account Options: We offer various account options that are easy to use, easy to understand, and which may promote better financial health. 
  • Banking that is Better for the Environment (Community): As a local institution, we give back to the community through loans, business development, sponsorships, financial education, and other involvement opportunities. 

Start banking organically today by opening your own First National Bank account online!  



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